Here you will find the scores of some of my compositions and piano reductions:
1. for recorder(s) in various combinations and with keyboard
2. solo keyboard pieces
3. transcriptions I have made for piano solo

There are recorded performance files of some pieces that may be listened to before deciding whether to acquire the score.

Please note that an enormous number of recorder arrangements await you at our transcription website (that also includes my recorder works): verygoodrecordertranscriptions.com

“Whoever is a poet is always one, and continually assaulted by poetry. I suppose a painter feels that colors and shapes are besieging [them]. Or a musician feels that the strange world of sounds—the strangest world of art— is always seeking [them] out, that there are melodies and dissonances looking for [them].” —Jorge Luis Borges, SELECTED NON-FICTIONS, trans. Eliot Weinberger, p. 482.


Recorder Trios

Pieces for Solo Recorder and Keyboard

NB: All pieces in this section are for Alto Recorder and Keyboard unless otherwise noted

Pieces for Solo Recorder, No Keyboard Part Anticipated

Recorder Duets

Pieces for Piano Solo